Ceramics, Handmade by Almer



If you have been to Old Nick Village in Plettenberg Bay, and taken the time to explore, you will have come across a small workshop, tucked away at the back. Inside you’ll have seen a lone potter, a single wheel, 2 small kilns, bottles of various coloured glazes, and an incoherent display of beautifully thrown stoneware ceramics. Welcome to Almer’s Funky Furnace.

Almer Windvogel was born and raised in Plettenberg bay, beside the lagoon. He started throwing pots nearly 40 years ago and has a deep understanding and appreciation for the craft. Today, there are very few potters who throw their work on a potter’s wheel without using moulds. It is this handmade process that makes each piece unique.





Almer’s environment is the starting point behind his designs. Often he adds organic shapes and curves to his ceramics, reflecting his natural surroundings. He also experiments with found objects, pressing leaves from indigenous bushes into the clay surface to render patterns. Sometime he uses frog or lizard carcasses to make moulds, which are transferred onto pots or handles.



We’ve always loved Almers work, as one of the older tenants at Old Nick, we have seen his range grow and evolve. His years of experience and craftsmanship are brought to every piece.

We now stock a range of Almer’s off-white glazed dinnerware at our shop in Cape Town (78 Hout Street). The collection is simple, classic and versatile. It makes a great base set, which can be accented with beautiful table linens.

To see his full range (or for custom orders) you’ll find him at the Funky Furnace at Old Nick Village.


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