Men at Work. A Photo Gallery

As some of you may know we are about to open a first-of-its-kind weaving mill in South Africa, which will showcase industrial revolution looms as well as more modern weaving technology (although our youngest loom is still 40+ years). Most importantly it will become our new thriving hub of production, and a true statement of our commitment to transparency. But getting all our looms from our mill in the Crags to the new Mungo Mill at Old Nick Village was no easy task (some of the Dornier looms weigh in at about 3 tons!).  Here are some shots of the men at Mungo who made this possible. Thanks Dax, Isak, Nathan, Roderick and the rest of the Mungo crew for all the hard work.

Since the inception of the Mungo Mill 2 years ago, as we were already outgrowing our current mill in the Crags, we have been slowly preparing for this moment. With other mills sadly closing across the country, we have accumulated several old work horse looms from Mediterranean Mills in Durban. These have been sitting in containers in Stu Holding's back garden, waiting to be reassembled. The looms have been tuned and set in place, and production has already begun.




Pictured above is Nathan (left) our new weaving apprentice and Roderick (right) the loom tuner who started working for us earlier this  year after Colibri , the well known towelling manufacturer, closed their doors. Below is Isak, the head loom tuner who moved from Gauteng to join our team. We are lucky to have these skilled artisans on board. 
















Photos by Tessa Holding

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