Mungo Meets Pichulik




Photographs from Pichulik Fall/Winter '17 Lookbook


Earlier this year Katherine Mary Pichulik, the talented entrepreneur and jewelry designer who founded Pichulik, approached us with a collaboration in mind. Over a coffee she told us about the inspiration for a new collection; the Japanese Ama pearl divers, woman who free-dive in search of deep lying pearls, relying on no more than a rope tied to a buoy, a tradition which has lasted more than 2000 years. This fascinating and unusual part of Japanese culture was the starting point behind the new Pichuliik Fall/Winter 2017 collection of iconic jewellery and statement clothing pieces.

We love to see the pursuits of other local creatives and were excited to partake in a collaborative, limited edition clothing range designed by Kat’s partner Nadya Von Stein. We sent them a selection of our fabrics including some experimental prototypes that haven’t yet made it into our stores. Last week we joined them for a glass of champagne for their FW17 collection launch at Pichulik’s incredible new studio space in Woodstock, on the 4th floor of an industrial building, high enough to see over the roof tops to Lions Head.



The coats, dresses and high-waist trousers are made with great attention to detail. The eastern-inspiration is expressed through kimono-like sleeves and flowing lines. For us it is wonderful to see Mungo textiles transformed into garments, and take on a totally new character. Well done Pichulik!


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