The Mungo Mill, Now Open

The Mungo Mill - Where contemporary textile design meets traditional weaving production in this one-of-a-kind mill.

On Friday the 17th of November we celebrated the official opening of the new Mungo Mill – It was an overwhelming occasion for everyone at Mungo to see the culmination of many years of planning and work. The building was conceptualized years ago and ground was finally broken in January 2017. Already it has become a new landmark in Plettenberg Bay, towering proudly over the landscape at Old Nick Village on the N2.


Open to the public, the mill showcases a cross-section of weaving production from pre-industrial revolution to present day. At once, it has become our new thriving hub of production, and also the embodiment of our commitment to transparency in what we make and do.

We strive to help shape and uphold the standards of sustainable production. We challenge the idea that value is a product of price. We don’t compromise on production methods or cost of raw materials when it comes to producing a quality product. We believe strongly that what we create and the manner in which we create it will filter down to the end user and help to improve the world we live in.

~ Dax Holding 

The new Mungo Mill was designed by Land Artist and Architect Andrea Cristoforetti. Where possible, it is built using materials and contractors that are local to the area. One of the most distinguishable characteristics of the building is a wooden slatted ‘skin’ that wraps around an elevated walkway running along the front. It was inspired by the overlapping warp threads and angles seen on the heddles of a loom. The curved façade also emulates fabric folds.


Visitors enter through a set of arched glass doors and can walk through the production process from weaving to CMT. A large central, double volume room houses our collection of 16 restored looms from different weaving eras, which can be seen from an elevated viewing deck that weaves from the walkway into the mill. Outside, a water feature snakes around the entrance and under the ‘skin’ of the building.


Looking to the future, we have already planned a second phase which will house all our warping equipment as well as a museum which will showcase the history of weaving from preindustrial revolution to present day.


From the Press:

“The building itself is extraordinary - a large open space with curved walls and exposed beams. From the inside, the shape and materials (face-brick, steel and wood) give it the feeling of a ship - something ready to take off and explore the world. Outside, the surface is made of woven wooden strips, designed to replicate the folds of fabric. A moat runs around the front and from a viewing platform visitors can watch the journey of the cloth.”

~ Sunday Times

“The opening of the new Mungo Weaving Mill is exciting for the area, and a significant moment in Old Nick’s and Plettenberg Bay’s history. We are excited to see the growth and impact made by the historical buildings that make up Old Nick Village, and in particular the impact the mill and its museum will have on the tourism industry,”

~ Plett Tourism

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