Mungo, The Shop, is situated in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa at the Old Nick Village. We are lucky enough to have access to one of the oldest building in our area dating back to 1896. A testament to the craftsmanship of the builders of that time, our double story structure is built from compacted clay bricks and hand sawn Yellowwood from the local forests. Many a knowledgeable customer walks around slack jawed with their chin tilted to the ceiling in awe of the golden hewn timber.

Quite frankly, it can be a problem. We don’t charge an entrance fee, we’re not a museum, and we find that these ‘customers’ quite resemble dodgem cars as they bump into our other customers who are innocently trying to purchase a table cloth or some new towels.

Luckily for us we have a dedicated following of return clients who majestically brave these perils, much like matadors (luckily we don’t sell much china), some have become very adept at making their way to the relative safety of the sales counter where they find our very own Cherilee who with a beady eye and a warm smile very efficiently swipes your card with one hand, packs your goods with the other and diverts the wayward with her foot.

Not everyone understands the value of quality. Most have fallen for the lower price, better value pitch. But the secret is out. More and more people are coming to understand the value of products made on a small scale with quality in mind, products that have a story with real human beings behind them, beautiful, flawed, real, majestic and interesting human beings. Not a corporate face and a huge marketing budget to sell the illusion of perfection, or the illusion of imperfection, or the illusion of wholesomeness, or whatever the latest fashion.

We know, and continuously prove,
that good quality made with a conscience
never goes out of fashion.

We are one part of a 35 year old business. We are a part of Mungo Design, an artisan textile company that produces only the best quality fabrics. I would say rediscovering the lost art of quality textiles but that would be a lie. If you have visited us here in the past 35 years you would have seen that it was never lost, I think you would be better off saying it had been misplaced. I would hate to call those who knew, selfish, but I would also hate to be called a liar. They never told. When a friend asked where they had found those divine towels they would reply with a bit of a mumble and comment on the new Victorian tap fittings. It took us a while to realize what was going on, and now that we do know we have decided to fix it. So here is our site to give everyone a chance to have a bit of Mungo in their life.

Mungo Shops


Mungo Flagship Store Plettenberg Bay

Situated on the Garden Route at Old Nick Village, 3 km east of Plettenberg Bay on the N2. South Africa
Tel: 044 5331395
Email: retail@mungo.co.za

Open 7 days a week 9am - 5pm

Mungo Retail is housed in the original trading store of the century old Gansvlei farm, thoughtfully restored and renovated to its original grandeur. If you happen to come explore the grounds of the now ‘Old Nick Village’ and take a moment to stop and listen, the clackety clack of the 150 year old dorneir looms will draw you up through the lush indigenous gardens and you will find yourself in a one of a kind working weaving museum. A real experience with real people making unreal product.

- GPS coordinates 34.034675,23.372742

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Mungo Cape Town

Mungo Hout St Cape Town

Situated in Cape Town CBD we have opened a store and Mungo’s very own inner city micro mill - a space where innovative and contemporary woven textile design meets traditional manufacturing processes on our restored antique loom. Browse, shop and be inspired!

78 Hout Street (between Loop and Bree St.)
Tel: 021 201 2374
Email: capetown@mungo.co.za

Open weekdays 9am - 5pm
Saturdays 9am - 2pm
Street parking in the vacinity is available or parking at Heritage Square off Bree st.

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Mungo Johannesburg

Mungo Pop Up Joburg

We opened our doors in May this year at 44 Stanley in Milpark, a lively centre filled with artisanal speciality stores. We have now become quite at home in this creative hub and have decided to make this store permanent.

44 Stanley, Milpark, Johannesburg.
Tel: : +27 087 135 5988
Email: joburg@mungo.co.za

Weekdays: 9am - 5pm
Saturday: 9am - 4pm
Sunday: 9am - 3pm

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