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We’re a homeware textile company based in South Africa.

Our mission is to create heirloom-quality woven goods with integrity in an open and transparent manner.

At the Mungo mill we have a variety of weaving machines, including ancient shuttle looms like the one pictured here

Our Story Begins With Just Two Old Looms

In 1998, Master Weaver Stuart Holding came in possession of two restored antique looms. He used these looms to weave limited runs of beautiful homeware textiles from what he called his ‘working weaving museum’ – an old barn where passersby could watch him work. He sold the resulting small textiles in his wife, Janet’s, shop. Soon demand outstripped supply and Mungo expanded production to a mill housed in an old dairy building a few kilometres away. Years later, things have changed; we have left the cows behind, moved to our very own mill and opened four stores – three in South Africa and one in Charleston, USA. Our one-man team has grown to a family of over 80. Although we are growing, our foundational values remain the same – to produce beautifully designed homeware textiles, woven with care for our community and the environment.

In 2017 the Mungo team fulfilled a long cherished dream; building our own mill on the grounds of Old Nick Village, near Stuart’s original barn, and next door to our flagship store. The Mungo Mill is a testament to our philosophy of transparency in the production process, with the entire mill open to the public. You can read more about the mill and how we make our fabric here. And those two old looms? Still going strong.

In 2018 Mungo began putting the wheels in motion for our very own CSR programme.

The Mungo MOVE CSR programme is our commitment to giving back to our community.

From the start of the new financial year in March 2019, Mungo will begin putting 1% of its annual turnover towards projects and initiatives that seek to benefit and empower the Plettenberg Bay area in which our mill and entire production process is based.

“At Mungo we defy the status quo and endeavour to help shape and uphold the standards of sustainable production in a non industrial environment.”

The Mungo Team

Mungo’s mission is to provide a product of exceptional quality and beauty, while providing employment and skills development to the local community. This is something we strive to do in a non-industrial environment.

We are a team of over 80 people, which spans from our design team, weaving and production, to admin, marketing and our stores. To do the things we do and in the way that we do them, each person is just as integral in their role as the next. The skills that individuals brought with them to Mungo come from a variety of backgrounds. Many of the weavers have been trained from scratch, and have worked their way up from apprentices to full-fledged machine operators. A handful of our team were trained by Stuart at his previous factory, close to 30 years ago – an investment of skills that we value immensely today. Seamstresses have either gained their trade through tertiary education or the craft was handed down through their parents.

Together we are working to not only create a great product, but also opportunities in skills and job creation, social responsibility and an impact on our local economy – all in an authentic and meaningful way.

The Mungo team pictured here at our Mill in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa
Mungo directors at their weaving mill in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa
Mungo inspection team at the mungo mill in Plettenberg Bay
Mungo SMT department at the Mungo Mill in Plettenberg Bay
Mungo design team and production managers at the Mungo Mill in Plettenberg Bay
Mungo team in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa
Mungo weaving team at the Mungo Mill in Plettenberg Bay
Mungo shop team at their flagship store next to the mill in Plettenberg Bay
Mungo Weavers in Plettenberg Bay
Mungo Marketing Team in Cape Town
Mungo administrative team at the head office in plettenberg bay
Mungo Whoelsale Department at their head office in Plettenberg Bay

“Together we are working to not only create a great product, but also opportunities in skills and job creation, social responsibility and an impact on our local economy, in an authentic and meaningful way.”

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