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  • Looms at our Mungo Mill in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa

    I was a big Mungo fan long before I started working here. It was the Itawuli that first got me. The African Sunset one, to be specific. A student at the time, I had been coveting it for many months before a bout of bronchitis helped me to bring one home.

  • The Mungo Mill at Old Nick Village in Plettenberg Bay

    Open to the public, the mill showcases a cross-section of weaving production from pre-industrial revolution to present day. At once, it has become our new thriving hub of production, and also the embodiment of our commitment to transparency in what we make and do.

  • Mungo men moving looms

    Mungo’s big move to the new mill at Old Nick Village. A photo gallery of the men who moved many tons of weaving machinery, and made it all possible.

  • Weaving mill architecture plans

    We are building what we are calling the Mungo Mill, a working weaving museum that will open to the public in order to showcase the age old art of weaving, from pre industrial-revolution to present day.

  • new wide width Dornier Loom arrives at Mungo Mill

    At the Mungo Mill we now have 7 working Dornier Looms which were all made in the 1970s (the older models, although slower, are more versatile). The latest addition being the Wide Width Dornier which arrived from the UK last year.

  • weaving

    Here is a sneak peak of the latest at the Mungo Mill. We are gearing up for the holiday season and having a great time producing new colour ways and designs. We hope to see on them the shelves soon!
    We can expect a new batch of the ever popular Mancloths, Selvage Serviettes, new Kikoi colours and a little table linen surprise.

  • Mungo - Old nick Village

    For those of you who don’t already know, the ancient looms of Mungo’s weaving museum as well as Mungo’s magnificent shop is situated in the landmark destination of South Africa’s Garden Route – Old Nick Village. Here Mungo is surrounded by lush indigenous gardens as well as other creative retailers. Housed in a 19th Century …

  • Mungo - Old Nick Village

    15 minutes from Mungo HQ (aka Old Nick Village) lies a picturesque dairy farm and one of our weaving operations. This is where our wider width materials are woven and the looms work at a little faster pace.

  • mungo

    One doesn’t always immediately think of where their garment comes from or who and how it was made. So today we have put together a few snaps of behind the scenes at Mungo HQ in Plett. Mungo is based at the historical homestead of Old Nick Village. Scattered among the Century old buildings makes for …

  • When Mungo founder Stuart Holding, was given a couple of 200 year old antique Hattersley looms from an old weaving friend it ignited a whole new passion for him. Weeks were spent putting the machines together and taking them apart, to refurbish every nook and cranny. With only ancient weaving books as reference to what …

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