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  • Duck egg linen bedding and various cobble weave towels

    Linen and cotton are the two natural fibres we at Mungo use the most in our products. They both have long histories of use, are incredibly versatile and have great practical qualities. So how do these two superfabrics measure up against one another?

  • Mungo men moving looms

    Mungo’s big move to the new mill at Old Nick Village. A photo gallery of the men who moved many tons of weaving machinery, and made it all possible.

  • Textile pattern cards

    Lenore Schroeder, our new designer tells us a bit about her career in the world of textiles and her experience working for Mungo.

  • loom weaving cape town

    Last month we hosted the Cape Weavers Guild for an exclusive show and tell at our inner city Micro Mill in Cape Town. We also chatted to Guild member Michael De Souza about his weaving journey.

  • Linificio Italian Linen

    Earlier this year, Dax Holding went to Italy to meet our new linen yarn supplier ‘Linificio Canapificio Nazionale’. They have been spinning since 1873 and their focus has become the production of the best quality linen in the world.

  • Mali Mungo

    The new Mungo Mali is a vibrant textile range that features woven patterns inspired by traditional West African strip-cloth. The story behind this cloth began five years ago when Master Weaver Stuart Holding embarked on a trip to Mali to learn about this ancient textile tradition.

  • new wide width Dornier Loom arrives at Mungo Mill

    At the Mungo Mill we now have 7 working Dornier Looms which were all made in the 1970s (the older models, although slower, are more versatile). The latest addition being the Wide Width Dornier which arrived from the UK last year.

  • Mungo Bamboo towels

    What if we told you that bamboo takes in around five times as much greenhouses gasses as timber trees and releases 35% more oxygen back out into the atmosphere… Incredible right!? This amazing natural resource doesn’t require replanting, pesticides or fertilizers and because its roots hold on to water in the watershed, bamboo is also …

  • mungo linen

    We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – linen is an absolute marvel of nature! Luxurious comfort and elegance, as well as practicality and durability, are just a few of the countless benefits of this amazing fiber. Mungo is super proud to be one of a few linen weavers in South Africa, and …

  • Mungo Linen Bedding

    Linen is a marvel of nature, a hollow fiber insulator and an old world heirloom. We are proud to be one of a handful of Linen weavers in South Africa! The linen used by Mungo is grown in Ireland and imported to South Africa in its raw fiber. It is wet spun and processed by …

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