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Tag Archives: bath towels

  • Mungo Flat weave towel in the laundry

    Water saving tips to try at home. Tip #1 – Use flatweave towels instead of traditional terry towels. Their low bulk factor and compact nature makes them ideal for reducing washing loads and saving water.

  • mungo itawuli

    The itawuli has created quite a buzz around here. This flat weave towel has a wow factor and personality we did not quite expect. It is bold, bright and stands on its own. Maybe a little like the youngest child of a large family, fighting for independence and originality. Forging new grounds and seeking new horizons. Well, good luck itawuli we hope you make it, send us tales of your adventures.

  • Belgian Waffle Towel

    The ultra-absorbent, quick-drying Belgian Waffle Towel is Mungo’s most recent addition and one which we are super excited about. Here’s why: The towel’s surface is similarly textured to that of its edible counterpart, resulting in its quirky name. This unique weave not only allows for the towel to absorb water more effectively, but because air …

  • Join The Flat Weave Towel Revolution Today

    The Revolution Starts Today! I have a dream that one day all the people of this country will throw off the shackles of poorly made imported towels. I have a dream that one day this nation will shun sweatshop manufactured textiles. I have a dream that one day, each and every one of us will …

  • For some time now we have been working on introducing a new Flat weave towel to our range, and have now come up with a truly luxurious towel that does not compromise when comes to performance. The bamboo gives it a lustrous feel and drape and is slightly thicker than our pure cotton towels. The …

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