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Tag Archives: how-to

  • Pure Italian linen bedding woven by Mungo at the Mungo Mill in Plettenberg Bay, a soft verdite colour to add to our range.

    At Mungo our customers often ask us about how to care for linen. Here are our tips on how to wash, dry, iron, store (and more) your linen items.

  • Mungo Charleston and Mungo Mill in Plettenberg Bay are collabing with some creative and colourful threads spun by Charleston shop manager, Rachel Neil

    Passion project loading! Our Mungo Mill designer, Lenore Schroeder and Mungo Charleston shop manager, Rachel Neil have teamed up for a bit of cross-continental collaboration.

  • A Mungo Fish Braai in Elands Bays, featuring the Provincial Stripe Tablecloth

    Fasten on your Man Cloth and prepare your fire. Here’s a recipe for how to braai the perfect mountain trout with some salty sea freshness.

  • Cloverleaf Serviette

    One again, Mungo brings you another set of easy-to-follow serviette folding instructions. This time we’ve decided to show you how to fold the beautiful and elegant Rose, a true classic! Simply follow our step-by-step instructions below and you’ll be adding character and sophistication to your dinner table in no time. We’ve folded our Rose using …

  • Provincial Stripe Serviette

    In the second edition of our Serviette Folding series, we show you how to fold the fun and quirky Pinwheel. Not only is this one super easy to fold, but it is sure to bring a warm, hearty smile to any dinner guest’s face. Just follow our step-by-step instructions below, where we’ve used Mungo’s gorgeous …

  • Provincial Strip Serviette

    Mungo’s serviettes are so impressive you just can’t help but feel you want to show them off. So we decided to have some fun with them. Today we turned the Provincial Stripe Serviette into the simple and tasteful ‘French Pleat’. Follow our easy instructions below and be sure to impress your next dinner guests. Here …

  • Man Cloth

    Mungo’s Winter Survival Guide: Volume Four So we’ve reached the fourth and final installment of our Winter Survival Guide and you’re going to have to get out from under your blanket and get a little dirty, for it’s time to get those fireplaces blazing. Yes, you heard right, it’s time to man up, find that …

  • chenille herringbone and hannah blanket

    Mungo’s Winter Survival Guide: Volume Three Whether it’s in the comfort of your own bed or on the couch in front of a warm fire, a good snuggle is possibly the very best way to fight off the Winter blues. So it only seemed logical that we include it as an essential in our all …

  • Mungo Bath Towels

    Mungo’s Winter Survival Guide: Volume Two Welcome to the second edition of Mungo’s essential Winter Survival Guide – all you need know if you wish to get through this chilly season with a smile upon your face. However, this week’s volume is not only absolutely necessary to your  survival but also one which you are …

  • Mungo Kitchen Cloths

    Winter is in full swing, your finger tips are half frozen and not even the dog wants to go outside. It’s a pretty miserable situation, one which you aren’t sure you’re going to get through. But never fear, for Mungo has your back with our all new Winter Survival Guide – a four part guide full …

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