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We Googled; Butcher stripe, looking for the history behind the classic stripe and instead stumbled upon a fashion article which stated that the butcher’s stripe doesn’t go well with a tie.

On that we don’t agree. We’re sure our Butcher Stripe aprons will look great with a tie (so long as the tie is a solid colour, we’re not fashion heathens!)

These unisex Butcher Stripe Aprons can be considered universal as well! With bright colours to cheer up any kitchen or muted tones for the more serious no-nonsense cooks.

The Butcher Stripe Apron features a large front pocket for conveniently storing your utensils whilst you sizzle, stir, whip and fry. An adjustable tie and neck strap ensures a comfortable fit.

Woven from pure cotton grown in swaziland.

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  • 82cm x 72cm

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