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The Dhow Towel is one of our trusty much-loved favourites. It’s large and super absorbent – making it the ideal companion for the bathroom or the beach.

At Mungo, our products are continually undergoing meticulous refinement. As a result, we now weave our Dhows with a thicker linen yarn in the weft, making this towel even better quality than before. (Think improved absorbency and an even longer lifespan).

Say hello to Sea Foam and Deep Sea, our sea-spired colours. These towels, in all their nautical glory, remind us of a familiar sight on the coastlines of East Africa: the dhow. With their characteristic shape and breezy sail, the vessels perfectly encapsulate the airy and artisanal feel of a Mungo towel. Both are perfect beach companions and make for an iconic seaside snap.

Our Dhow Towels are made from 100% linen – a fibre celebrated for its airy feel and cool, crisp finish. The Dhow also has the added benefit of exfoliation – the combination of the linen and honeycomb weave help to stimulate blood flow in the skin. As a result, you’ll be left feeling revitalised and fresh. The texture is a little rougher than cotton, and so might be a surprise for a first-timer, but give it a whirl and you’ll soon be hooked. The Dhow will also age well, getting softer with wear.

Our Linen

We source our linen from the finest producers in Italy. Like Mungo, our supplier, Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale, is committed to quality – and has been in the business of doing so for over 100 years. The process of producing this fine linen starts with the humble flax plant, which is grown in Italy, Belgium and France. The raw material is then taken through the stages of scutching, combing and spinning, before being vat dyed for brilliant even colour and light fastness. Finally, it wings its way to Plettenberg Bay, where it is woven into our beautiful linen fabric at the Mungo Mill.

At Mungo, we’re linen-lovers. Read our blog to find out more about this fantastic fibre, and why we’re linen-lovers.

As part of our sustainability objective, we contribute 1% of our annual turnover to our Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative, MOVE, which seeks to uplift the Plettenberg Bay community.

At Misty Cliffs beach with the 100% linen Mungo Dhow Towel in Deep Sea colourway
A day at Misty Cliffs beach with the Mungo Dhow Towel in Deep Sea colourway. A 100% linen towel designed, woven and made in South Africa

Customers who bought & used this product shared the below feedback on comfort & quality. If you make a purchase please share your thoughts, we value your feedback!

  1. Love linen towels

    I have numerous items from Mungo, and they are all extraordinary and well worth the price. I do love the texture of these towels and how quickly they soak up water. For such a large towel they are surprisingly light in weight.

    Jacques (verified owner)

  2. Sooo durable and soft

    I’m back again, I love these towels! I have replaced ALL my towels… waiting for linen sheets now

    Natasha Motsi (verified owner)

  3. Woven treasure

    This beautiful blue linen towel is a marvel – it feels lighter than the full cotton version. Great for travelling. I usually travel with kikois for sleeping on and drying off – this will be my new suitcase staple – if we ever get to travel again 🙁 . It’s a cliché – but the expense was really worth it and it will be treasured for years. As with all Mungo products – I love looking at the weave. Handweaves are almost living items – emphasising anti-consumerism

    frances (verified owner)

  4. Love love love

    This was my first foray into the linen towel world and I have absolutely no regrets! Amazing quality, soft, dries you completely and it dries quickly too. I have 3 kids and live in Vancouver so lots of rain, these are ideal. I have used a conventional towel again and I shan’t be going back! I have also tried different linen towels and these are still so much better!

    tashata (verified owner)

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