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Pure linen fitted sheet, woven from the highest quality flax yarn.


Carrying with it hundreds of years of history. Prepared the old fashioned way, preserving its characteristic crisp look and feel.
For those who’ve come to love the natural handle of pure flax, linen reigns supreme. Textural to the touch, linen bedding is wonderfully breathable and long lasting. As a natural insulator, your flax bedding can be enjoyed throughout the seasons. In summer its breathability will keep you cool, and prevent clinging or clamminess. In winter it’ll preserve the heat, keeping you in warm cosy comfort.

So how does this compare with our Kamma Linen?

Our flax yarn is much thicker than the threads we use for our Kamma Linen. The thicker yarn means a lower thread count is needed, without compromising on its durability. Our Flax Linen keeps the classic feel that’s been loved through the ages, and with it the characteristic look of natural, undyed colour of pure linen.

For the connoisseur, the coarser handle of flax linen is something to be desired. And for those who prefer a softer touch, our Flax Bedding is well suited for wash and wear. Over time, and with repeat washes, the fibres in the flax will gradually give. The result is bedding that softens with age, growing more accommodating with time.

The source

Creating linen yarn is a time-consuming process. In operation since 1873, this is something that our supplier, Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale, knows all about. Linificio Canapificio Nazionale’s flax is grown in Italy, Belgium and France, where the damp oceanic climate and rich soil is suitable for growing flax. Once harvested, the plant is taken through the stages of rippling, retting, scutching and combing… all before being spun into the highest quality yarn. From there it wings its way to our mill in Plettenberg Bay, to be woven into our bedding.

As an OEKO-TEX-certified producer, in LCN we found an ethos that matched our own – a commitment to exceptional quality and sustainable production.

Why we don’t stone wash

Linen is crisp when first woven. Although producers stone wash it to hasten the process of softening, this artificial method compromises the integrity of the cloth. At Mungo we don’t stone wash. We use quality linen and a well constructed weave. Your bedding will grow softer and more accommodating with time and use.

Designed to last longer and age gracefully.

Please note that our linen fabric is naturally coarser to the touch than cotton. A unique feel preferred by some, this is also a marker of its long-lasting quality. Over time and use linen will also grow softer and more yielding.
The linen fabric is woven to a width of 180cm with a double stitch border. We add a panel detail with a blind seam on either side to all the sizes bigger than single/three-quarter excluding the single cover. The panel gets wider as the sizes gets larger.
The thread count is the number of weft and warp threads that are woven into a square inch of fabric. Linen fabric will never reach the high thread counts of Egyptian cotton sheeting because the flax plant’s fibre does not grow to have a fine staple which allows the spinner to spin a very thin yarn necessary for a high thread count. Thread count is not an indication of quality, as linen fabric has a much lower thread count but is considered by many to be a far superior fabric.
Mattresses come in many shapes and forms, always measure your bed first before selecting a size. Please contact us if you need advice selecting the best fit.

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  • 109cm x 200cm – Single – 3Quarter
  • 139cm x 200cm – Double
  • 152cm x 200cm – Queen
  • 185cm x 200cm – King

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