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The Mungo Itawuli takes its name from the isiXhosa word for ‘towel’. The Itawuli has become one of the most iconic cotton towels in our range, loved for its bold design and versatility. We’ve seen them used as picnic blankets, a summer throw, yoga mat cover and a tablecloth – they’ve even been turned into clothing!

The striped detail that runs through the middle of the Itawuli makes reference to traditional woollen Basotho Blankets. These blankets were initially woven in England. As the story goes, the 1cm ‘pinstripe’ was woven in to indicate where the fabric was to be cut. But a batch with stripes intact made its way to South Africa. The supposed flaw became popular and was incorporated and uplifted in the local design. Read more about the Itawuli on our blog.

The Itawuli is a 100% pure cotton towel, grown and woven in Southern Africa. What’s more, the flat weave design of our towels allows them to fold up tight, ensuring they use less space and water when washing and that they travel well.

You can take your cotton towel wherever you go – towels are the perfect travel companion! A practical addition to any trip, you can wrap it around you for warmth, lie on it on a sandy beach, sleep under it and gaze up at the stars, wet it for use in hand-to-hand combat, wrap it round your head to avoid the paparazzi… And after all that, if it’s still clean enough, you can dry yourself.

You can read more about this versatile fibre, and why we love it, here.

A percentage of your Mungo purchase goes towards our CSR MOVE, which aims to empower and uplift the Plettenberg Bay community in which our mill and flagship store is based.

Unlike the traditional terry loop design, our flat weaves are characteristically light and compact. This unique weave allows us to play with the design and structure, resulting in a feast of visual possibilities

Why Go Flat Weave

Super Absorbent: natural cotton is perfect for wicking away moisture on wet skin.

Quick Drying: the unique flat weave design ensures your towel is dry in a jiffy

Compact: characteristically compact, our flat weave towels make for easy travelling & storing

Softer & Softer: Cotton yarn ages well, becoming more and more soft with each and every wash.

Eco-friendly: natural fibres & low bulk for the washing load

Durable: long lasting, not destined for landfill

Mungo Itawuli in Cango Grey
Mungo Itawuli in Emerald Green. Flat weave cotton bath or beach towels
Mungo Itawuli in Blue Moon. A pure cotton towel design, woven and made in South Africa

Customers who bought & used this product shared the below feedback on comfort & quality. If you make a purchase please share your thoughts, we value your feedback!

  1. Quality and beauty

    I had a photo session on the beach, taking pics of my beautiful Mungo towels 😁. I saved a long time for these and am enjoying them sooo much. Thank you Mungo. Love your products and love what you stand for.


  2. highly recommend

    Love these towels ! Our first experience with them was at a lodge and as soon as we got home I ordered some. Love the quick drying fabric and the patterns are beautiful.

    Only suggestion I would have is to make a 3rd size which is in between the current two sizes. the large size is wonderful, but a bit too much for daily use.

    There than that, highly recommend !

    Arda van Dongen (verified owner)

    • Thanks Arda!
      Happy to hear your Itawulis are treating you well.
      We’ll pass on your suggestion to our design team!

      Warm regards
      The Mungo team

      Georgina Selander

  3. Itawuli love

    Absolutely in love with this range!! Can’t wait to collect them all!
    Have also ordered as a gift for my Mom, who was thrilled with the surprise.
    No complaints whatsoever, 5 stars well deserved!!

    Karen (verified owner)

  4. LOVE these towels!

    I purchased one of your flat weaves as a gift for a friend and she was thrilled. Your products are absolutely gorgeous, and the delivery was quick ( and not to mention beautifully packaged). I’ll definitely be adding to my Mungo collection soon.

    Nathalie Leblond

  5. A towel for every occasion x

    I have several of these beautiful towels and have gifted some also. I am incredibly happy with mine as are the recipients of your towels. Great for everyday, holidays to the beach (they don’t collect sand) and now I am gifting each of my children with one. We just Love our Mungo towels.

    Your customer service is brilliant, the packaging simple and recyclable. What is not to love x

    Elisabeth Booth (verified owner)

  6. Amazing product and superb customer service

    Thank you for the promptly fulfilled and delivered order – customer service at its best! The simple (not a billboard for where I bought it!), yet beautiful, gift wrapping was refreshing and a lovely touch, and then using recycled materials in the mix – an example of how to do it. Congratulations all round!
    The towels are stunning and, in my case, a gift that gives back everyday! 😉
    We will definitely be “adding to the collection” soon.

    Wayne Good (verified owner)

  7. Quality

    These towels make the best presents! I have learnt now to let friends choose for themselves so I send them the link and then I order their gift. My oldest towel is four years old and it is getting softer and even more comfy. (I also have a black linen table cloth and serviettes that I received as a gift and make the most stylish table dressing. Don’t know why it was discontinued.)

    Elna van der Merwe (verified owner)

  8. Flat weave towel convert

    I am so glad I ordered a flat weave towel. I will never use a normal towel in my home again. I highly recommend any Mungo products!

    Jacques Malan (verified owner)

  9. Such an incredible towel

    Such an incredible towel. Takes a little bit of technique, but once you’ve got it down, this towel dries way more efficiently than a more traditional fluffy type.

    andrew (verified owner)

    • Thank you for your feedback Andrew, love that you love your towel!

      Craig Harding

  10. Excellent

    Love your products!! And excellent delivery well received, thank you!

    Isabella Griessel (verified owner)

    • Thank you Isabella, your support is much appreciated.

      Craig Harding

  11. Bought to try and then bought some more!

    Very happy with this lovely collection. Bought to try and then bought some more! Warm, rich blue colour. I’m new to flat weave towels but very happy with the discovery 🙂

    Sara (verified owner)

    • Welcome to the Flat Weave towel revolution!

      Craig Harding

  12. Love the texture

    Just received my set of blue moon towels. I am in love! Luxury finish & quality. I’m never going back

    avzyl3 (verified owner)

    • Thank you.

      Craig Harding

  13. Very Happy

    Ordered this as a gift; it arrived within 2 days, beautifully packaged. The recipient absolutely loves it. Very happy with the purchase. Thanks Mungo.

    Cathy Williams (verified owner)

  14. Beautifully packaged high quality item

    Absolutely lovely towel , given as a gift and loved by the recipient. Delivery was on time and perfectly cared for and presented in the wrapping.
    great to see such care taken not only in the product but how it is presented.

    Rodney (verified owner)

  15. Would highly recommend

    I bought 2 of these towels and I absolutely love them. The cotton is soft and super absorbent, fast drying and hardly needs ironing after washing. I will never go back to using normal towels again after the luxurious feel of these. Would highly recommend.

    Gabriella (verified owner)

    • Thank you for your lovely feedback Gabriella, welcome to the wonderful World of flat-weave towels. 🙂

      Craig Harding

  16. The woven pattern.

    Without a doubt the best towel around – for any season. For years I was stuck on the fluffy white towels like you find in hotels (which don’t ever stay that way!)… until I used an Itawuli. It’s light but feels luxurious. We’re so hooked, we’ve bought another two sets. And they’re our go-to wedding/house-warming etc gift. Plus, it’s like owning a piece of useful, local art!

    Jason B

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  • Bath Sheet: 100cm x 175cm

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