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Please note that linen prices may vary based on the colourway. Our linen is Indanthrene vat dyed in Italy for brilliant and long-lasting colour. Dyeing costs differ depending on the shade, with darker colours incurring higher costs.

100% linen fitted sheets

Woven with pure Italian-spun linen threads at the Mungo Mill in Plettenberg Bay.

From Field to Fibre 

Our linen bedding is woven with the world’s most ancient and noble fibre – pure flax.
Grown in Upper Normandy by our farmers at Terre de Lin. Cultivated in fields that require little, if any, human interference.
Spun into golden-grey threads by our Italian Master Spinners, Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale, and yarn-dyed for brilliant colour fastness.
Then to the Mungo Mill in Plettenberg Bay, to be warped, woven, pressed, cut and sewn into our range of premium linen bedding.

For more information on the traceability of our linen, read the blog: The Lineage of our Linen

For the Love of Linen

Linen is a fibre that’s easy to love.
Soft, long-lasting, and with a crisp, cool finish that develops its lived-in quality over time.
Highly breathable, it will see you through the seasons – helping to get the temperature ‘just right’ no matter the weather.

Treated well your Mungo linen will return the favour. Linen softens over time and with use, and is crisp when first woven. While many producers stone-wash it to hasten the process, this artificial method can compromise the integrity of the linen. At Mungo we avoid stone-washing, and use the highest quality yarn and a strong well constructed weave. Your linen will last longer and grow soft and accommodating, ageing gracefully.

We’re quite adamant that sleeping under linen bedding is the way forward, we believe it so much we wrote a blog about it here.

Brilliant Colour

Our linen fabric is Indanthrene vat dyed. This involves the dyeing of threads before they are woven into cloth – unlike the piece-dyeing process, in which a finished fabric is immersed into a dye bath. Vat dyes are known for their rich and vivid pigments, excellent colour fastness and resistance to fading through sun exposure or washing. A hallmark of quality that will ensure your Mungo linen maintains its brilliant colour over time.

Our Kamma Linen Fitted Sheets have a 35 cm depth to accommodate thicker mattresses, but can be tucked in around standard size mattresses too.

Our mill, a sensory space which forms of the heart of our production, is open to the public in an act of transparency. We commit to upholding fair-trade production principles, in addition to donating 1% of our annual turnover to our Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, MOVE.

Please note that our Kamma Linen products have a lead time of about 1 week as they are made per order. Well worth the extra wait!
Linen fabric is naturally coarser to the touch than cotton. A unique feel preferred by some, this is also a marker of its long-lasting quality. Over time and use linen will also grow softer and more yielding.
Please note the linen fabric is woven to a width of 180cm. We add a panel detail with a blind seam on either side to all the sizes bigger than single/three-quarter excluding the single cover. The panel gets wider as the sizes gets larger.
The thread count is the number of weft and warp threads that are woven into a square inch of fabric. Linen fabric will never reach the high thread counts of Egyptian cotton sheeting because the flax plant’s fibre does not grow to have a fine staple which allows the spinner to spin a very thin yarn necessary for a high thread count. Thread count is not an indication of quality, as linen fabric has a much lower thread count but is considered by many to be a far superior fabric.
Mattresses come in many shapes and forms, always measure your bed first before selecting a size. Please contact us if you need advice selecting the best fit.

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  1. interested

    Do you make the king extra size as well? I am interested in both the fitted sheet and the Duvet cover.

    DJH Walker

    • Hi,

      Yes we do! We stock a Super King in our Duvet Covers, and our King Fitted and Flat Sheets are sized for extra length & depth.
      If you need any help, or have queries, please feel free to contact our customer service team. You can drop us a mail via

      Kind regards,

      Georgina Selander

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  • 139cm x 200cm – Double
  • 152cm x 200cm – Queen
  • 185cm x 200cm – King

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