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100% Kamma linen tablecloths add a cool and classic feel to your table setting.

Just like the stately Helen Mirren herself, The Kamma Linen Tablecloth is elegant, ages gracefully and is pretty good at keeping the wrinkles at bay.
With every wash, the Kamma linen will soften and gain character – making it a much-loved homeware item.

What’s more, whilst linen has a delicate and unassuming look, it is a strong fibre known for its durability. The Kamma Linen Tablecloth will thus stand the test of time – adding a luxurious touch to your table for years to come.

In fresh white or natural flax, you can’t go wrong. Even the fussiest person on your Xmas list would be pleased with this one.

Iron whilst still slightly damp for a crisp look and feel.

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