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The story behind the Mungo Mali Table Runner began years ago when Master Weaver Stuart Holding embarked on a trip to Mali to learn about its ancient textile traditions. The truth is he was there for a music festival, but Stu can smell a loom a mile away.

Mali is well known for its beautiful textiles, from mud-died fabrics to woven strip-cloth. Stuart’s fascination with textiles led him in search of local independent weavers and indigo dyers across the country.

Strip weaving is one of Africa’s oldest art forms. Handlooms are used to weave long narrow strip panels, which are then sewn together to form a wide cloth. Rows of patterns are added by means of weft floats (threads that run laterally). The intricate detail of the motifs is something that can only be achieved through this hand-made process.

At Mungo, inspiration has been drawn from the geometric row designs and weft faced weave construction of this unique traditional African textile.

Our Mali table runner is woven from pure cotton grown in Southern Africa and comes in a range of vibrant and textured colourways.

No need for a table centerpiece when you have a Mungo Mali Cloth Table Runner – this decorative piece will steal all the attention!

Designed, woven and made at the Mungo Mill in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa.

Also available in Mali cushion covers and a multi-use cloth. Check out the blog post we wrote on Stu’s trip to Mali where he discovered the inspiration to design the Mungo Mali cloth.

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