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  • UPDATE: Our master weaver, Stuart Holding spent a weekend dying two more Kenza scarves using the flowers of the Helichrysum pangurifolium plant. He used two different fixatives, Alum and Copper Sulphate and the result is two different coloured scarves from the same pot of natural dye, how cool is that! The Foli scarf has a slightly more green tone to it and used copper sulphate as a fixative whereas the more yellow Pangi scarf used Alum, just like the previous batch of Kenza scarves.

    The Kenza Scarf is a warm, snug and extra large scarf. It’s perfect for fighting the winter chill. The Kenza is woven using a cotton warp and a blend of Mohair and Lambswool in the weft.
    These two colours of the Kenza were naturally dyed using locally sourced flowers. This item is so unique we have just four available online.

    In our efforts to continuously make Mungo a better, more ethical company, we work to improve the way we do business and make our textiles. One way we hope to do this is by investigating more environmentally friendly options. We want to weave using more organic yarns and would love to change the way we dye our products too. To this end, we’ve been trying out natural dyeing and these limited edition Kenza scarves are the results. The yellow Heli scarf is dyed using Helichrysum flowers and the green Erica scarf is dyed using pink heather flowers.

    Made in South Africa at the Mungo Mill.

    For a truly one-of-a-kind garment (or perhaps for a unique and thoughtful gift), snag your Kenza Scarf today.

    To find out more about the natural dyeing process and how these limited edition scarves were dyed, read our blog how we dyed these Kenza scarves using local flowers.
    A handful of helichrysum flowers used for dyeing the Heli Kenza scarf
    Heather or 'Erica' was used to dye the Erica Kenza scarf colourway
    Mungo naturally dyed kenza scarves (1)
    Mungo naturally dyed kenza scarves (2)
    The naturally dyed Kenza scarves are made with cotton and a blend of lambswool and mohair

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    • 60cm x 220cm

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