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In West Africa there is a tradition of using a variety of resist-dyeing techniques to create mesmerizingly patterned fabrics called Adire. Adire, is a Yoruba (a tribe in Southwestern Nigeria) word for tie and dye.

Resist-dyeing involves preventing the dye from penetrating parts of the fabric. By tying objects into the folds, weaving raffia into the fabric or by painting cassava paste onto it, the women of Yoruba create intricate and beautiful cloths.

Paying homage to those beautiful fabrics, the Mungo Quill blanket has a delicate, cross-hatched, uniform design which is finished with a bold border. The Quill comes in three colourways: Fossil, Slate and Atlantic.

Woven from pure cotton on our wide width looms, these natural fibre bed covers have a luxurious touch and texture and make a perfect bedding addition as a warm, yet breathable layer.

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  • 200cm x 240cm – Double
  • 240cm x 240cm – Queen
  • 240cm x 260cm – King

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