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Limited edition cotton towels for bath or beach.

Being an independent mill making our way in this world gives us a lot of autonomy.
It gives us licence to play with weaves and colours. To try out new designs, and then sample them on our looms. And then to review, and refine, until we see a product or colourway that’s fit for our range.

This gives us a bit of fortunate flexibility. It means we don’t need to be driven by the latest trends. Or by the Pantone ‘colour of the year’. Instead, we base our choices on yarn availability, moments of inspiration, or personal flair. When it comes to the weaving itself – we draw on a centuries-long history of techniques and technology. Finding inspirations from historic pattern cards, and from Stu Holding’s personal library of antique weaving books, collected throughout his 50+ years in the industry.

There are two towels that have been a consistent hit. Instant best-sellers, if you will.
The Itawuli. Beloved for its bold, geometric design, it’s a signature of our flat-weave range. A towel that’s become iconically Mungo.
And the Folly Beach. Big. Bright. Bold. It has brightened beaches (and bathrooms) around the world with its graphic design.

So we had a wild idea. To mix the two.
We took the Itawuli’s unmistakable pattern, and mixed it with the bold block design of the Folly. We ran a number of samples. Testing out different colours. We hung them out in the design office. Marvelled over the colour combinations, and how they turned out, and which one was our favourite.

So now we have a (limited) number of these one-of-a-kind towels. And we’re making them available to you.
You won’t find them in our stores or our annual sale tent.
They’re not rejects or over-runs or bottom-of-the-pilers.
And if you get one, you’re lucky. Because they’re truly one of a kind. And once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Unlike the traditional terry loop design, our flat weaves are characteristically light and compact. This unique weave allows us to play with the design and structure, resulting in a feast of visual possibilities

Why Go Flat Weave

Super Absorbent: natural cotton is perfect for wicking away moisture on wet skin.

Quick Drying: the unique flat weave design ensures your towel is dry in a jiffy

Compact: characteristically compact, our flat weave towels make for easy travelling & storing

Softer & Softer: Cotton yarn ages well, becoming more and more soft with each and every wash.

Eco-friendly: natural fibres & low bulk for the washing load

Durable: long lasting, not destined for landfill

Mungo, Itawuli/Folly towel. Towel shown on white background on the beach. Designed at the Mungo Mill.

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  • Bath Sheet: 108cm x 190cm

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