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There’s nothing quite like a clean baby swaddled in a crisp white towel right? The Hooded Towel is made for just that. A corner flap fits neatly over your little one’s head and ears leaving the rest of the towels to tuck all the way around.

The Willow Weave pattern was traditionally used for toweling design long before the mass production of the terry towel. The pattern came from one of Stuart Holding’s collector’s pattern books, a compilation of over 200 hand weaving designs brought by European immigrants to the States in the 17th and 18th century (Weavers in those days were sought after for their skill and were very usefulness to society). When the industrial revolution began, many of these traditional weaving patterns were far too complicated for early weaving machinery, and were lost in the rush to mechanise. It is only because Stu Holding’s long journey from industrial weaving to hand weaving and back to mechanised weaving that he has the ability to adapt these traditional weaves to work on our looms.

The Willow Weave is an intricate design, with a detailed checkerboard effect. Woven with pure cotton grown in Swaziland.

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  • 90cm x 90cm

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