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Bamboo is considered to be one of the world’s most sustainable fibres

Bamboo plant

Bamboo Facts

A member of the grass family, bamboo is a versatile plant that can be grown just about everywhere – except for the iciest of climes. Bamboo fabric can either be produced mechanically or chemically. In the mechanical process, the woody part is crushed and natural enzymes are used to break it into mush before the fibres are combed out and rolled. For the chemical process, the leaves and soft inner pith are crushed, soaked in liquid and reconstituted before being spun into yarn.

Praised for being the world’s fastest-growing plant, bamboo can grow up to a meter per day. One Japanese species is said to have sprouted over 3 meters in a single day! As a grass, bamboo will easily regenerate after being cut, without the need for replanting.

Bamboo plant

History of Bamboo

Bamboo is believed to have originated in China, where evidence shows its use in the fashioning of everyday items. Records dating back more than 7000 years suggest the use of bamboo in the making of arrows, paper, building materials and books. It is only in recent years that technology has been applied to transform bamboo fibres into fabric.

Mungo Infinity Scarf, woven from super soft and environmental responsible bamboo

Mungo Bamboo

We source our bamboo yarn from Standerton Mills in South Africa, who imports their fibres from India and spins it into yarn at their mill. In addition to its range of environmentally friendly and sustainable properties, Mungo’s bamboo yarn has a very long staple with a hollow structure. The long staple ensures strength and durability, while the hollow structure allows for absorbency and colour fastness. Fastness refers to resistance to fading, meaning your Mungo bamboo product will hold its pigment well over the years.

Mungo Bamboo products

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