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Organic cotton baby blankets, hand-dyed using natural botanical materials.

Each blanket is individually woven on our antique shuttle looms and carefully hand-dyed using plant matter at Beagle + Basset’s dye studio in Woodstock, Cape Town.

The dyes have been created using Madder Root, Black Wattle, Acacia bark and Oak galls.

Featuring a soft, textural twill weave that’s designed for breathable comfort and sound sleep. Finished with a unique non-fraying selvedge – a naturally finished edge particular to our 19th century shuttle looms.

Natural dyeing is very much about taking from and giving back to the earth in a similar state to which you found it… I harvest or gather only what is in abundance, or has fallen to the earth’s floor. The colour is extracted and once the dye process is complete, the dye bath can be given straight back to the ground without any concerns. Natural dyes have character and depth, and the lack of mechanisation in the process really highlights a ‘hand-made’ element… Like anything organic, the colour won’t naturally hold for as long as synthetics, but that is very much part of the story, and the beauty of this hands-on process.

– Genna Shrosbree, Beagle + Basset.

Wash and Care

Traditional techniques and plant matter have been used to conjure a soft palette. Due to the handcrafted nature of these baby blankets, variations, spots and unevenness is normal and a part of their charm.

Dyed with with natural materials, the colours will mellow with time. With a bit of extra care you’ll be able to keep your naturally dyed blanket looking beautiful.

Cool wash (hand washing recommended)
Use natural detergent – free from bleach and chemicals
Wash with like colours do not tumble dry
Dry out of direct sunlight

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80cm x 120cm

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