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The Mungo MOVE CSR programme is our commitment to giving back to our community.

In 2018 Mungo began putting the wheels in motion for our very own CSR programme – MOVE

Kids of Kurland project in Plettenberg Bay. Part of the Mungo CSR initiative, MOVE

One percent of annual turnover to Mungo Move.
From the start of the new financial year in March 2019, Mungo will begin putting 1% of its annual turnover towards projects and initiatives that seek to benefit and empower the Plettenberg Bay area in which our mill and entire production process is based.

Positive social & environmental impact

Inspired by the international B-Corp certification, awarded to companies who meet defined criteria for their positive social and environmental impact and full public transparency, Mungo is hoping to join the growing number of businesses who are actively seeking to benefit the people and places on which their success depends.

It is the strong belief of Mungo, and of companies like these, that they have a symbiotic relationship with the environment in which they operate. We recognise that it is our responsibility to actively give back to those who enable us to function and flourish, and not to take anything for granted. So instead of a ‘business as usual’ approach driven purely by profit, the MOVE programme places equal emphasis on a triple bottom line of three P’s: people, planet and profit.

The Mungo MOVE CSR programme is our commitment to giving back to our community.

The company’s success then becomes mutually beneficial to all, so by helping our staff to see that their contribution to the success of the company influences the 1% (and in turn how much they can then contribute to their own communities), Mungo hopes to use the MOVE program to help foster a culture of ‘win/win’.

Having members of our staff on the MOVE committee, most of whom have an insight into the challenges of the underprivileged communities in which they live, ensures that the actual interests and needs of the people living in these areas are being represented and pursued by the initiative. In this way, MOVE hopes to keep growing organically in terms of its output and association. Through a series of workshops and research we explore where we can have a long term impact that is enabling rather than reformative.

“The three P’s: People, Planet and Profit”

Thus far, these are some of the causes MOVE has been putting its time and resources towards:

The Kids of Kurland Project

The Mungo MOVE CSR programme is our commitment to giving back to our community.

In August 2018, Mungo invited 14 students from The Crags Primary school to the Mungo Mill for a workshop in textile design and production. Each learner created their own striped kikoi colourway, with the winner voted to be ‘Mungo’s Hope’ by Hope Davids. Her kikoi was put into production and is now being sold in our stores, with all profits put towards Kids of Kurland – an organisation that funds additional teachers in this overcrowded school. Our aim is to fund one teacher’s salary each year.

Awareness of Domestic Violence

The Mungo MOVE CSR programme is our commitment to giving back to our community.

Following the violent death of one of our former staff members in December 2018, MOVE intends to dedicate time and resources towards collaborating with organisations involved in fighting the epidemic of gender-based violence – the number one killer of women in South Africa. MOVE is committed to pursuing and supporting any social initiatives that set out to address a shift away from violent expression in our society as a whole, especially through the education of our younger generation.


Mungo Belgian Waffle Weave. Our 'thickest' towel, available in white and charcoal or duck egg stripe. Soft and absorbent.

A vital component in the wellbeing of our communities within the world is the health and preservation of the planet. As such, MOVE is committed to changing attitudes and actions which support and improve our natural environment. We avoid single-use plastic wherever possible, and currently our products are packaged for distribution using fully recyclable and biodegradable Baobags. We regularly clear all the alien vegetation on the property around our mill, and use non-potable water to keep our garden green in more than one way.

Recycling Initiatives

The Mungo MOVE CSR programme is our commitment to giving back to our community.

Mungo is extremely conscious of managing the waste produced by our business. Our offcuts are donated to local hand weavers and crafters. We reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible. As ambassadors of Eco Atlas, our staff were recently treated to an interactive workshop by Rhian Berning, demonstrating the need and importance of recycling and caring for the environment.

Kurland Juniors Running Club

The Mungo MOVE CSR programme is our commitment to giving back to our community.

The Mungo shuttle bus currently provides free transport for the members of the Kurland Juniors Running Club to their meets and races on the weekends. Mungo drivers volunteer their time for this positive initiative.

Staff Workshops

The Mungo MOVE CSR programme is our commitment to giving back to our community.

Mungo has set aside 1.5 hours of production time every month for educational and inspirational talks to be presented to staff on a wide variety of topics, introducing them to new ideas and important concepts.

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