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New to Mungo, Designer Lenore Schroeder delved into our vast archives of historic patterns and designs; a treasure chest for ideas and inspiration. She studied the checks of the classic Harris Tweed that was originally woven on the very Hattersley looms we use at Mungo today. She was equally fascinated by the three-dimensional effect of the waffle weave. The neat, pocket-like structure of this famous weave and the cross-sections of colour synonymous with the plaid check became the building blocks for the Vrou-Vrou.

By experimenting with intersections of colour and increasing the scale of the well-known plaid check, Lenore turns a classic design into something intriguing, graphic and contemporary. Read more about the creation of the Vrou-vrou (and the comedy of errors that took place during its production) here.

To see the weaving of our Vrou-Vrou – and other products – in action, come and visit us at the Mungo Mill. Open daily, with free guided tours available on weekends.

What’s in a name?

Originally called the ‘Vrou Throw’ after the Afrikaans word for lady. After a series of tongue-twisting mispronunciations and closer definition inspection we nicknamed it the Vrou-Vrou; a play on the phrase ‘frou frou’ meaning heavily ornamental and elaborate (adj.) or a rustling sound of fabric (n.).

Vrou-Vrou Facts

The Vrou-Vrou is woven from Southern African grown cotton on our wide width Dornier looms at the new Mungo Mill in Plettenberg Bay.

The classic waffle weave has a cellular structure which gives the Vrou-Vrou a chunky body and texture. The pure cotton yarn ensures that it remains light and breathable, perfect for year round luxury.

Although called the Vrou Throw, it’s technically a full sized blanket, made to cover a bed, but also great for an evening stroll or marking your spot by the lake.

Each Vrou-Vrou is woven with 9 different coloured yarns. The warp features 5 colour variations and the weft features 4.

Mungo Vrou Vrou Blanket. Pure cotton waffle weave blanket woven at the Mungo Mill in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa
Model shaking out a Mungo Vrou Vrou waffle weave cotton blanket on a deck

Customers who bought & used this product shared the below feedback on comfort & quality. If you make a purchase please share your thoughts, we value your feedback!

  1. perfect

    Brought it to England as a gift – perfect
    Gorgeous colours
    Superb quality


  2. Beautifully colourful and as beautifully warm!

    Gorgeous to look at and beautifully warm! It hasn’t left my bed since it arrived!! Such a treat!

    Kristin (verified owner)

  3. The colours!

    I’ve just opened my parcel. I am absolutely delighted. It is exactly as shown on your website. The colours are superb. The workmanship is excellent. I really like how the vrou vrou was folded with the label being the first thing you see: correct size, yay! A very happy customer. Thank you so much!

    Nan (verified owner)

  4. Sizing?

    It would help if you gave exact measurements of all sizes. It looks fantastic but I need to know if it has a fair size overhang before ordering


    • Hi Lynne.
      So sorry, you were unable to find the exact measurements. They are available on two places on the page; on the tab marked ‘sizing’ & as a pop-up marked ‘sizing guide’ above the size selection.
      Here they are:
      200cm x 240cm – Double
      220cm x 240cm – Queen
      240cm x 240cm – King
      240cm x 260cm – Super King

      Craig Harding

  5. Beautiful and very comforting...

    The vrou-vrou is one of the best purchases I have ever made. A most beautiful and comforting thing to have on the bed. Stunning colourway and beautifully crafted. I love it – like all my Mungo pieces. Well done to everyone involved in its creation. Winter suddenly not so harsh! Thank you for your talent Mungo! X

    Taubette Klompas (verified owner)

  6. Beautiful Creation

    An extraordinary thing! Exquisite colours pulled together to create a fabulous piece of artwork. Given my bedroom a sense of depth and comfort. Pulled a whole room together. Exemplary service too. I privilege to own the Vrou-Vrou and also to to business with Mungo. Thank you all for your talent! Taubette,

    Taubette Klompas (verified owner)

  7. The colors and warmth

    I am over the moon with my Vrou-Vrou blanket. The colors brighten my mood and makes me smile. The quick delivery amazed me. The Kind size on a queen bed turns it into a good old-fashioned Bed-Cover. I love it


    • The Vrou-Vrou definitely has that effect!

      Craig Harding

  8. Brings so much sunlight into the room

    I am impressed with the quality! The colors are chosen so well, you can mix the blanket with any pillows, pictures, other accents in the room. I use it for both living and bedroom areas. The delivery was so smooth! I ordered it to California and will order more other products. Thank you!

    Viola Serdiukova (verified owner)

    • Thank you Viola!

      Craig Harding

  9. Goes so well with my furniture

    I love this blanket, I ordered the super king for my king sized bed. It looks amazing. I have a sleigh bed and tuck it in. I would order up a size and up two sizes if you want it to hang to the floor. It’s gorgeous and vibrant goes so well with my furniture. I purchased the magenta. It was delivered within 3 days awesome service thanks.

    Wendy Dengler (verified owner)

    • Thank you Wendy.

      Craig Harding

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  • 200cm x 240cm – Double
  • 220cm x 240cm – Queen
  • 240cm x 240cm – King
  • 240cm x 260cm – Super King

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